All-Inclusive Barbecue App

The Pit Pal App was built with the end goal of being able to help produce more consistent barbecue for backyard cooks, competitors, as well as caterers and even restaurateurs.

Through it's easy to use interface, The Pit Pal enables more consistent barbecue through the use of historical tracking of cooks and results taking into account common barbecue variables such as the temperature and duration of the cook, or the sauce/rub combination, or even the type of wood used or the weather at the time of the cook. Consistency is the key to great barbecue.

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  • Easy to use interface for entering your cook and food details
  • Temperature control support for BBQ Guru Wifi and Stoker Wifi
  • Quick notes for one-touch entry for food and cook data
  • Export cook data to Word, Excel, XML, or Text *
  • Cook & food notifications for time & temperature
  • Ability to add detailed notes to your cook stored in a cook archive
  • Rate your cooks *
  • Take pictures of your end product direct from The Pit Pal which automatically store in cook archive
  • Track history for multiple foods during a cook
  • Full featured BBQ Guru App and Stoker App for mobile devices

* Denotes currently only supported by the Android version. iOS features coming soon.

What People are Saying!

"Awesome app, makes mobile monitoring easy!" - Dave W

"Been looking for a way to keep a record of my home cooks and this works perfect." - Scott S

"Can't wait to use it on more cooks.Pretty easy way to track and store cook information. Just be careful to not get BBQ all over your phone." - Ralph W

"Just what I needed to go along with my bbq guru wifi. Able to track my cooks and look back at previous cooks to see my notes." - Jeremie M

"DATA!!!! PRECIOUS DATA! Finally, an organized way to log your successes (and failures) during BBQ cooks." - Kane F

"Awesome App! I have a notepad that I usually use to keep track of things, but this keeps things way more organized. This also gives me another reason to get a CyberQ WiFi! Must have app ... " - Matthew J

"Finally! For the serious Backyard Chef, this is mandatory! This app was made by serious BBQers for serious BBQers. Well done!" - Kenneth B

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