Consistency.   Control.   Technology.

Create consistently awesome BBQ with the help of your mobile device. The Pit Pal is an all-inclusive BBQ application for your mobile device. It was built with the end goal of being able to help produce more consistent BBQ for backyard cooks, competitors, as well as caterers and restaurateurs.

The Pit Pal enables more consistent BBQ through the use of historical tracking of cooks and results taking into account common BBQ variables such as the temperature and duration of the cook, or the sauce/rub combination, or even the type of wood used or the weather at the time of the cook. Tracking these variables allows the pit master to look back at previous cooks and continue to cook and tweak variables until the perfect combination is hit. And then have the data to replicate that combination at any time.

This is a technique that teams on the BBQ competition circuit have been using for years only with a pen & paper or excel spreadsheets. The intent of The Pit Pal is to take this technique, leverage technology to improve on it, and help people with a passion for BBQ produce great food.

Created by BBQ'rs for BBQ'rs

The Pit Pal BBQ App was designed an created by a team consisting of BBQ enthusiasts and competitors who felt there had to be an easier way to create consistent BBQ. Our BBQ circle happened to have some mobile developers and creative indivduals as part of it so felt we could utilize their talents to build something to incorporate a little techonology into the BBQ lifestyle.

With that being said, as BBQ fanatics, we built the initial release of The Pit Pal based on what we saw as 'must have' features and release it relatively quickly to marker. Soon after the feedback came in quickly via email, facebook, forums, etc. And utilizing that great feedback, we have continued to improve the feature set and have built probably the most advanced BBQ management app available.

We would like to stay at the top and continually improve so please keep the great feedback coming and feel free to reach us on Facebook, Twitter, or via email at

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