CyberQ Cloud Instructions

We now have support for CyberQ Cloud. The setup is pretty much identical to how the CyberQ Wifi is setup with one small change.

On the CyberQ Cloud, you must turn CLOUD ENABLED to OFF.

You can either do this through the actual device by holding down the up & down buttons for 5 seconds and then navigating to the Wifi Settings where you will find the option. Or you can navigate to the web console for the CyberQ Cloud device by opening a web browser and navigating to the IP address of the CyberQ. The IP address of the CyberQ is shown on the CyberQ LCD screen on start up.

However you do it, you need to set CLOUD ENABLED to OFF for the Pit Pal App to work with the CyberQ Cloud. Yes, this will not allow you to access ShareMyCook but that is a drawback to how BBQ Guru decided to implement this latest version of CyberQ. There may be a firmware update to allow you to do both in the future, but that is up to them.

As always the best resource we have found for configuring access once you have CLOUD ENABLED = OFF, is Access CyberQ Outside Your Network. The configuration they discuss for Wifi will work just as well for the Cloud version.

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