Temperature Control Integration

  • Temperature control support for both BBQ Guru Wifi and Stoker Wifi *
  • Simple configuration for connectivity via the internet
  • Easy to use interface for entering your cook and food details
  • Pit & food notifications for time & temperature which work directl
  • Get notified using the device's notification settings (vibrate, alarm, etc)
  • Records temperatures every 5 minutes so you can monitor the performance of your Guru or Stoker

Controller Support

If you are having difficulty connecting to your BBQ Guru Wifi or Stoker Wifi, it is critical to know that the Android operating system does not support Ad-Hoc networks so you need to run in Infrastructure Mode on your Guru WIFI or Stoker WIFI. If you are already setup in Infrastructure mode, it most likely will have to do with your setup of the Guru or Stoker network settings.

New for CyberQ Cloud users on iOS -> CyberQ Cloud on iOS Setup and How-To's

Stoker users -> Stoker Setup Tips and How-To's

Contacting BBQ Guru or Rock's Bar-B-Que directly is usually the best way to resolve any connectivity issues. Remember if you cannot reach the Guru or Stoker console from your browser, you will not be able to reach it from the Pit Pal.

If you have an issue which you feel is specific to the app, please reach us on Facebook, Twitter, or via email at admin@thepitpal.com

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